Business Checking

Team Capital Bank offers several options to help you manage the day-to-day finances of your business:

Business Checking Accounts
Free Small Business
Small Business
Interest Checking
Team Spirit 
Qualification(s) Must have less than 300 items/month Corporation or Partnership
Sole Proprietor Not-for-profit
Typical Customer Smaller Business; Fluctuating Balances; Lower Activity Large Business;
High Activity
Small Business; Fluctuating Balances & Activity Not-for-profit organizations only
Internet Access Yes Yes
Yes Yes
None $10 $10 None
# of Free Items
300 None Unlimited 300
Charge Per Check
None $0.15 None None
Charge Per
None $0.25 None None
Charge Per
Deposited Item
None $0.15 None None
Account Earnings
n/a Earnings Credit* Current Interest Rate Tiered Interest rates depending on balance

*Account balances earn a credit which is then applied to account activity in order to offset activity fees. Law prohibits the account from earning interest, so even though the earnings credit may be greater than activity fees in any given month, no interest is credited to the account.